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Technology as a tool

Sydney Grammar School Headmaster, Dr Richard Malpass, addresses the negative effects of too much reliance on technological devices.

Curriculum-based active education program

Mega Adventure Aerial Park in South Australia has launched an outdoor educational program that aims to highlight the mental and physical benefits of being outside to students.

STEM professionals visit Australian classrooms

Open to primary and secondary school teachers and qualified STEM professionals from all organisations, the STEM Professionals in Schools event brings real-world Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths into the classroom in an effort to increase student engagement and participation in STEM subjects.

Online NAPLAN results in the spotlight

As NAPLAN continues its transition from paper-based to computer-based testing, the assessment program has made headlines once again amid concerns that the data may be too difficult to be meaningfully compared.

Video: New Science and Technology syllabuses for NSW

With a new Science and Technology syllabus for K-6, and new syllabuses for Technology for Years 7 and 8 being implemented in New South Wales in 2019, the NSW Education Standards Authority discusses what the changes mean for both educators and students.